How to Get Results in Your Prayer Life- Part 3

In the final segment of this 3 part series you will learn how to pray according to God’s word and line yourself up with the spiritual laws surrounding prayer. It is not necessary to have long prayer chains in order to get prayers answered, as it says in James 5:16 “The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” All it takes is one person praying the right way to see your promise come to pass! Stop striving and start receiving!

How to Get Results in Your Prayer Life- Part 2

Do you feel like you are constantly a victim of whatever life’s circumstances throw at you? Do you feel that you go from crisis to crisis? It is time to take back everything the devil has stolen from you. Listen and learn how to bring back the POWER to overcome in every area of your life!

How to Get Results in Your Prayer Life- Part 1

Does it seem like God is not answering your prayers? The problem is not God, it’s you! This should come as a relief because while we can’t change God, we can change ourselves. Learning how to pray according to the Word will allow you to start living in the fullness that God desires for you. Has this helped you see better results in your prayer life? Go to to share your story!

The Key to Your Freedom- Forgiveness

As believers we have freely received forgiveness, so we must freely give it- even to those who don’t “deserve” it. If you feel like you continually hit a wall in your spiritual walk, there is a good chance you have unforgiveness hiding somewhere in your heart. Be set free and live up to all the wonderful plans God has for you!