The Key to Overcoming Trials

Most people look at trials as something they just want to get through. There is a spiritual maturity being built in us, but trusting the goodness of God and knowing these things are not from Him, will make all the difference. Trials are necessary to prove the Word is true! Don’t give up, and overcome every attempt of the enemy!

Becoming Mission Minded

God had our destiny planned before the foundation of the world. We need to change our mindset and start looking at our lives from His perspective. The only way to find true joy and satisfaction is to accomplish His purpose in your life. There are a few practical ways to begin, and it starts with listening to this podcast!!

Fired Up- Part 1

We are all going to encounter troubles in life. What happens when you get a bad doctor report? What about when your marriage is falling apart? How about when you are on the verge of financial devastation? God has given us His Word and that is all we will ever need to overcome any trouble. Don’t just survive your trials, but shove them in the devil’s face!

Demonology- Part 1

Demons. Are they real?

Whether you realize it or not, there is a supernatural realm that we cannot see. We are engaging it everyday. We cannot change it’s existence, but we can learn how it operates and come out victorious– every time.

In this series we are exposing the enemy so that you can live in a new level of freedom and success. Visit for more info.

Prospering in Finances- Part 1

We got out of debt and moved into our dream house on a firefighter salary, all through the application of biblical financial teaching! It is God’s will for you to have an abundance of finances so that you can abound to every good work of his Kingdom! Learn how to use your faith to tap into all the resources he supplied for you and be BLESSED!