Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Get free from anxiety and depression beginning with this simple, practical step. Jesus provided everything we need for life and godliness, and it is not his will for us to be dependent on medications! He wants to heal your mind, and give you peace that passes all understanding! Go to courtneyschieber.com for events, books or other information!

Why did you do this to me, God?

As we go through trials in life, we are often taught that God puts these bad things in our lives in order to teach us a lesson. When sickness, hardship or bad  circumstances arise, we are told to embrace it so that God can work through us. WHAT a LIE! God is not the author of bad things in our lives. He will redeem everything, but he does NOT cause these things. Know your enemy and start overcoming hardship. CourtneySchieber.com

Get the Power of God to Flow in Your Life

Horoscopes, healing crystals, palm readers, Harry Potter? What do those things have in common? A lot more than you think. Satan is using his fraudulent “power” to defeat the body of Christ and keep them from fulfilling the call on their lives. Get free from bondage and see people, healed, delivered and set free!!! courtneyschieber.com